Simien Mountains Trek--5 days 4 nights


Day 1:  Arrive into Gondar airport--

You will be met by our representative, who will drive you immediately to Debark. Debark is the gateway to the Simien Mountains. We get all the necessary permits to trek and camp in the Simien Mountains National Park over the next 5 days. 

Day 2: Trek Sankaber to Geech 

Early in the morning after breakfast, you will trek for 5 to 6 hours from Sanka Ber to Geech enroute enjoying the stunning views of waterfalls and spotting endemic wildlife and birdlife. 

Camp overnight in Geech

Day 3: Hike Geech to Imetgogo back to Geech 

Approx. 6 hours

In the morning after breakfast, you will make 6 hours excursion to Imetgogo to enjoy one of the best views of Ras Dashen, the highest mountain in Ethiopia. In the evening you return to the Geech camp for overnight. 

Camp overnight in Geech

Day 4: Hike Geech to Chenek 

Approx. 7 hours

In the morning you will trek 7 hrs from Geech to Chenek to spot some of the endemic mammals, including the endangered Walia Ibex which is found only in the Simien Mountains, and rarely the Ethiopian wolf. 

Camp overnight in Chenek

Day 5: Head back to Gondar airport 

Our last day in the mountains, we take in our last views before heading back to the Gondar airport via Debark. 

Bale Mountains Trekking--4 days 3 nights

Day 1: Drive Addis Ababa to Dinsho 

After breakfast, drive through the Ethiopian Great Rift Valley and the spectacular mountain scenery to Dinsho, the headquarters of Bale Mountain National Park. For the rest of

the day, walk around the national park to see the endemic flora and fauna.

Overnight: camping

Day 2: Dinsho-Geysay Valley-Dinsho

Trek to Geysay Valley through the dramatic highland scenery of Afro-Alpine vegetation, which covers a

vast mountainous area. Enroute, you can spot endemic birds and mammals.

Overnight: camping

Day 3: Dinsho-Sanetti Plateau-Goba 

Drive from Dinsho to Sanetti Plateau, one of the highest peaks in the national park. For the rest of the

day, trek around Sanetti to discover the endemic mammals such as the Ethiopian wolf. Drive to Goba for an overnight stay.

 Day 4: Return to Addis Ababa

In the morning, we drive back to Addis Ababa or fly to Addis Ababa (thrice weekly flight).