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Ethiopia Group Tour-- 10 days 9 nights

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Day 1: Arrive in Addis Ababa--Your guide will welcome you at Bole International Airport and drop you at your 4-star hotel. Join us for a city tour of Addis Ababa to include the Ethnographic Museum, a great introduction to Ethiopian culture and history.  Merkato, Africa's largest outdoor market, and Trinity Cathedral, the final resting place of Emperor Haile Selassie.

Day 2: Fly Addis to Gondar  (B-D)

Visit the remote ruins of Kuskuam, built  in the 1700’s.  After lunch, tour the Royal Enclosure, a UNESCO World Heritage site featuring five castles built by a succession of Ethiopian Kings beginning in the early 17th century.  Visit the church of Debre Birhan Selassie, famous for it's ceiling of angels.

Day 3: Drive to Debark, the gateway to the Simien Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Enjoy some light hiking in the afternoon and spot wildlife such as the endemic Gelada baboon.  

Day 4: Enjoy trekking in the beautiful afro alpine mountains with endemic wildlife and amazing views over the escarpment. (B-L-D)

Day 5: Drive back to Gonder for Lalibela flight  (B-D)

Tour the magnificent rock-hewn churches, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  This group of eleven monolithic churches were carved directly into the stone mountainside at least 800 years ago. 

Day 6: Lalibela (B-L)

Select your activity: Take a morning hike with mules to the 13th century rock-hewn monastery of Mount Asheton or drive to Yemrehanna Kristos, a beautiful church situated in a shallow cave that predates the churches of Lalibela. End the day with a visit to remaining rock hewn churches.

Day 7: Fly Lalibela to Axum (B-D)

Visit the granite stone Stelae of Axum, the Tombs of King Kaleb and his son King G/Meskel, Ezana’s stone inscriptions, the Queen of Sheba’s palace and swimming pool, and the Church of Zion, the final resting place of the True Ark of Covenant. 

Day 8: Drive from Axum to Hamedella (B-L-D)

Upon arrival we explore Dallol and the Asale lake salt flats.

Day 9: Trek to Erta Ale (B-L-D)

After breakfast we cross the desert heading towards Erta Ale. We stop for lunch in Dodom, which is the base of the volcano crater, where we get permits to climb to the top. 

Day 10: Return to Addis Ababa via Mekele (B-L-D)

At 5 a.m. guests will be awoken to witness the erupting, glowing lava lake. We begin our trip back to Addis where guests for hotel day use and farewell dinner. Transfer to airport for late night departure.

B=Breakfast L=Lunch D=Dinner

Cultural Tour of Senegal Lac Rose Goree Island African Renaissance Monument

Come Home with Us

Senegal Group Tour-- 10 days 9 nights

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Day 1: Arrive at Dakar (DSS airport)

Spend the day touring Lake Retba also known as the Pink Lake. Guests watch the salt extraction process then ride ATVs and head to the previous end point of the Paris Dakar Rally. 

Day 2: Drive into Downtown Dakar (B-D)

We spend the day getting acquainted with all the best sights of the city. We discover the history, culture and its most authentic markets. Overnight on Goree Island.

Day 3: Goree Island (B-L)

Guests experience the history and horrors of the "House of Slaves". We also explore the charming side of the island and local life. Overnight ferry to Ziguinchor.


Day 4: Ziguinchor (B-D)

We take a historical tour of Ziguinchor. In the evening we have a farm to table meal.

Day 5: Enampore to Oussouye(B-D)

Get to know the local culture and architecture as well as crafts.

Day 6: Oussouye-Mlomp-Elinkine-Carabane(B-D)

Today we explore the local market in Oussouye. Visit a fisherman's village in Elinkine. Take a boat ride to our next overnight destination of Carabane and explore the island on foot.

Day 7: Carabane-Djembering (B-L)

Tour "Bird Island" and the mangrove forest of Casamance. In the afternoon there is time to explore and enjoy the beaches.

Day 8: Djembering (B-D)

Visit the Diola tribe museum. Enjoy a walking tour of the village and its lagoon.

Day 9: Fly to Dakar (DSS) (B-L)

We fly to Dakar from Cap Skirring in the morning and get checked into our hotel. In the afternoon we go on a mini safari.

Day 10: End of our tour (B only)

Today we do last minute shopping, lounging pool side or beach side. Airport transfers available throughout the day and evening.

B=Breakfast L=Lunch D=Dinn

Eritrea Group Tour for Asmara Massawa and Dahlak Islands.

Off the Beaten Path

Eritrea Group Tour-- 8 days 7 nights

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Day 1: Arrive in Asmara- Your guide will welcome you at Asmara International Airport and assist with
hotel check-in. After getting settled you’ll join us for a city tour of Asmara “a Modernist African City”
and UNESCO World Heritage site. Asmara is renowned for its prolific Art Deco architecture.

Day 2: Tour Asmara with an optional excursion  (B&B only)
We continue the visit of Asmara with an optional excursion outside the city.

Day 3: Travel to Dahlak Archipelago (B-L-D)
We travel by land to Massawa where we take a boat out to the Dahlak islands. Noted for their wild
beauty, pristine waters and starry skies these islands are sparsely inhabited and remote. They remain
some of the least explored coral islands in the world. We camp for three days under the stars of “The Pearls of the Red Sea”.

Day 4: Dahlak (B-L-D)
Spend the day exploring the nature on the island. We also snorkel in the rich warm waters of Dahlak which teem with colorful and exotic fish, some found nowhere else in the world.

Day 5: Dahlak (B-L-D)
Considered “The Maldives of 20 years ago” we spend our time island-hopping, when we aren’t hiking,
fishing, swimming, snorkeling or photographing the untouched landscape.

Day 6: Leave Dahlak for Massawa (B&B only)
Arrive in Massawa in the early afternoon. Do a city tour of Massawa’s historical sites and ruins.

Day 7: Half day in Massawa before returning to Asmara (B&B only)
Spend the morning on the beach at Gurgusum or exploring the old town of Massawa. The evening is
dedicated to experiencing nightlife and coffee culture in one of the safest capital cities in Africa.

Day 8: Depart Asmara in the morning (B only)
Check out of the hotel and we transfer you to the airport at a suitable time to catch your flight.

B=Breakfast L=Lunch D=Dinner  

Tanzania group tour safari zanzibar leopard in a tree

Adventure of a lifetime

Tanzania Group Tour-- 8 days 7 nights

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