Ethiopia FAQs

If Ethiopia is poor, what is there to see?

Although many still imagine Ethiopia as a country of starving emaciated children with extended bellies that is far from accurate. The country has made great economic strides to improve its citizens' lives. Given Ethiopia's ancient history predating the Bible, there is a great deal of history and unique cultures to explore. Plus there are 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites you won't want to miss.

Is Ethiopia safe?

Generally speaking Addis Ababa is one of the safest capital cities in Africa. Violent crime is rare although pickpockets are known to take advantage of crowded conditions or distracted moments. Outside Addis Ababa crime of any sort is extremely rare.  Typically all guests who visit Ethiopia feel safe as they travel in Ethiopia.

Do people in Ethiopia live in huts?

Yes, some people in rural parts of Ethiopia do live in huts called “tukul”. Although recently many rural Ethiopians have increasingly starting building simple one or two-room homes with tin roofs. Many of these people are farmers, shepherds and nomads living a more traditional lifestyle. There are no huts in the capital Addis Ababa but plenty of modern high rises.